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Allie the Pitbull Terrier mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Allie
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female Breed: Pitbull Terrier mix
Home: New York, USA
   Allie came to us when she was found hanging around a metal yard as a stray puppy. This is the reason for the name Allie, as in aluminum. We tried to find her owner, to no avail. She was house trained, and seemed to love the backyard, which she has treated as HER own daily. She doesn't like animal visitors in her yard, like birds or squirrels. She will sit ion the deck waiting patiently for them to dare enter her yard, if she hears so much as a leaf she will stand, stalking for minutes on end waiting for prey. It is awesome to watch. And the speed with which she moves in an effort to attack and preserve her yard is spectacular.

     Allie is the physically strongest dog I've ever had, yet the nicest. She also enjoys Long walks daily around the neighborhood. We walk for usually over an hour each day. She never tires, no matter the weather. It could be 10°F (-12°C) or 90°F (32°C), there could be rain, sleet or snow. She is always up for a walk, and loves to strut around the neighborhood like she is in charge. She can walk five miles easily and want to go again later. She is our pride and joy. And for this I think she should be honored.

Allie the Pitbull Terrier mix, the Dog of the Day Allie the Pitbull Terrier mix, the Dog of the Day

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