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Morla the Great Dane, the Dog of the Day
Name: Morla
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female Breed: Great Dane
Home: The Netherlands
   This is Morla, our Merle Great Dane, she is ten months old so is still a growing puppy. She is our third Great Dane, and is a big dog with it's own character. She is growing up with two English Bulldog females, one six and the other four years old. Her merle coloring provides such effective camouflage that many times I lose her; in the dark she is just invisible. Morla is still discovering the world with a lot of positive energy and is now hitting puberty. We live close to the forest and have a big garden which we enjoy together.

     Morla is sweet, affectionate and naughty. And she is very protective to our family. She likes to sit on my lap to watch TV, and cuddle. She really loves her walks in the forest. Walking in the town or beside the road is not really her thing, if you are protective like that, it is a lot on your mind with traffic and yelling/running people around. We do walk in these busy streets because she is still learning, of course. Morla loves food and grows and grows to a lady of big size (probably will end up at 70kg~)!.

Morla the Great Dane, the Dog of the Day Morla the Great Dane, the Dog of the Day Morla the Great Dane, the Dog of the Day

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