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Liberty the Standard Poodle, the Dog of the Day
Name: Liberty
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Female Breed: Standard Poodle
Home: Bakersfield, California, USA
   My girl's name is Liberty. Libby is special because she was a pet therapy dog for Hoffman Hospice here in Bakersfield for over three years. She has since retired, but was perfect for pet therapy. She would travel with me to local skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, as well as private homes to visit terminally ill clients. She was ideal for the job, she loves people, is quiet, calm, and extremely well behaved. She lives to be loved on!

     She pretty much lives a life of leisure now. I have a total of four dogs, they get taken for a walk usually once a day. We also have a swimming pool and she takes a dip, although for a water breed she has to be coaxed in! She plays with the other dogs, they all live inside with us.

     She does know some really cute tricks that I used to have her do when it was our turn to visit the kids at the Hoffman Hospice child grief therapy group. She can shake, do a high 5, sit up, and will stand on her back legs to give me a "hug" when asked to do so. She is also good at snagging a toy out of the air when thrown above her head. She knows to "go get a toy" and bring it to me for playtime. Standard poodles are very smart, I believe they rank second only to border collies.

     She deserves to be honored!

Liberty the Standard Poodle, the Dog of the Day

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