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Einstein the Dog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Einstein
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male Breed: Dog
Home: New York, New York, USA
   I adopted Einstein from Bideawee in Manhattan on May 27, 2016. He was diagnosed with terminal cancer, deafness and a heart murmur for which he takes daily medication. They said he was eight years old, but my own vet said it was more likely he was twelve (bloodshot eyes, deafness and a cancer that comes in later years). Last Fall, my vet told me Einstein had no growths and was cancer-free. Bideawee had performed two surgeries on him; he was taken in from the street by a lovely concerned couple in late March of last year. The last photo is the one I saw that stole my heart before I met him.

     He enjoys rolling around, whether it's in bed or in the hallway or in my building lobby. He smiles at people on the street. He is extremely affectionate and enjoys his snacks as well as his food. You would never know he had a rough life. On Christmas Eve, we carolled in a local park. I held my little candle and songsheet, and he looked up at me so profoundly and lovingly. He's too old now to enjoy bones or balls, but he socializes in neighborhood dog runs. He's slow to rise in the mornings, which is wonderful for me as I'm retired. Each time he walks locally, it's like the first time because he is filled with wonder, even if it's to sniff bushes in the park down the street. He's just a happy little guy and he is so very healthy for his age. How he became cancer-free is the icing on the angel's food cake and a testament to the power of healing love.

     At least ten people saw him at Bideawee but turned away because of his enormous health file. But I had seen him on-line the day before I had to put my little Chihuahua to sleep. Once I saw that face, there was no turning back. I asked for him by name at Bideawee and took him that very day. I told Steve at Bideawee not to be afraid of telling me all his health issues, because the more he told me, the more I would be attached to this incredible dog. And so it was. When I brought him back on June 20, one staffperson recognized me but not the dog!

     The fact that he's been with me through the new year simply overwhelms me. We are in forever time and each day is precious. He now has over ten outfits to wear. He came to me on an 87 degree day and now he will soon walk through snow. A dog for all seasons is Einstein. I am blessed. He never gave up on the human race. Amazing. He has not a mean bone in his body.

     I am grateful and full of joy he is with me. He appears on the Bideawee site and in their e-mailings and hard mail, so I get to see his lovely face again and again. But the best view of him is here with me at home!

Einstein the Dog, the Dog of the Day Einstein the Dog, the Dog of the Day Einstein the Dog, the Dog of the Day Einstein the Dog, the Dog of the Day Einstein the Dog, the Dog of the Day

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