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Mojo the Pekinese, Border Collie, the Dog of the Day
Name: Mojo
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male Breed: Pekinese, Border Collie
Home: Southern California, USA
   Hell-o you beautiful people,

     My name is Mojo, I'm a boy, and I'm about four years old. I'm a blend of Pekinese and Border Collie, and I live with my human and four other fur-kids in sunny, Southern California. My human was a foster mom to me first, then tearfully had to give me to a couple who loved me, but unfortunately ended up not having the time to give me the attention I needed. So mom got me back and decided we were made for each other.

     I don't know a lot of tricks, but when it's time to go for a walk (two times a day), I know the command of, "Sit, let's walk." I love to run down the hall after my toys, and I love to chew on noisy plastic bottles. I especially love to lay on my back on demand, and submit to super pleasurable belly rubs....ah heaven.

     I'd love to play with my older brothers and sisters, but being in their mid-teens, they aren't quite as playful. I truly miss Giovanni, my cat friend who let me chew gently on his neck, and chase him around the house, until he told me "enough" by batting me in the face, gently of course. He passed on a few months ago, and I miss him a lot.

     So when you go to adopt a pet (the only way to go), please consider us shyer dogs. Yes, I was shy, so shy that people would often look at other dogs and ignore me when at Adoption events. We can end up being the sweetest, smartest, most loving and loyal dogs of all. (Hmm, aren't all dogs that way?)

     My mom wants to add that she loves me so much and hopes I and my other siblings live long and prosper. And don't forget, spay and neuter saves pet lives.

Mojo the Pekinese, Border Collie, the Dog of the Day

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