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Mollie the Basset Hound, the Dog of the Day
Name: Mollie
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female Breed: Basset Hound
Home: Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA
   Mollie Frances came to our family in the summer of 2015, when she was just ten weeks old and 14 little pounds. She instantly filled a spot in our hearts and in our home. She is strong and gentle, silly and serious, energetic and lazy, naughty and nice. We like to say that this is Mollie's world and we just live in it, and that is just fine with us!

     Mollie is the most affectionate and loving dog we have ever met. She cannot sleep close enough to us or kiss us enough or be by our side more. But Mollie is not just adored by her family. She is generous with her affection and has many, many friends, including the students who have her mommy as their teacher. When you ask those second graders about Mollie, this is just a snippet of what they have to say ...

     Mollie is really loving and sweet! She loves to cuddle. When her mommy is grading papers, she lays right beside her. She loves to eat everything she sees! She loves to take naps. She has short legs and floppy ears and her body is pretty long. She's a three-color basset hound. She loves chewing on bones and meeting people. If Mollie sees someone, she wants to be friends with them! She is pretty lazy (but she is supposed to be!). She loves to eat cheese, yogurt, cheerios and bananas. She likes to play with her tennis ball and lie in your lap and likes to roll around, too.

     Mollie loves to play the most when we are cooking dinner! Mollie is one but we can't wait until she turns two! Mollie is very, very, very adorable. She loves us and we love her.

Mollie the Basset Hound, the Dog of the Day Mollie the Basset Hound, the Dog of the Day Mollie the Basset Hound, the Dog of the Day Mollie the Basset Hound, the Dog of the Day

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