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Angel the Canilo, the Dog of the Day
Name: Angel
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female Breed: Canilo
Home: Bavaria, Germany
   My dog's name is Angel. She's nearly ten months old, and is as big as she will get. She's a purebred Canilo which is a rare breed from Germany. Angel has many qualities that make her special. To start with, she is my therapy dog. She supports me in public and helps me to get in touch with strangers. That means that she is very open-minded and social. In addition, she learns incredibly fast. It makes it easier for me because she is the first dog I ever had.

     She is very affectionate. No matter where I go, she has to come with me. And when you come back there is always a true firework of happy emotions. She is a little sunshine, an optimist through and through. But she is also afraid of new situations. Which again helps me to learn how to deal with their fear and what to do about it. In addition, she is incredibly imaginative and you have to think carefully where to hide their toys or treats. Because often she finds this best hiding place and somehow always comes to her stuff. She is not a great cuddler but IF she is in a cuddly mood then she also demands all attention for herself. And who could resist such a cuddly fur?

     In short, she is my life. She is everything I need to be happy and she really loves me very much. Because of that I hope that I could convince you that she is something very special. And not only because of their special breed.

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