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Axl the Pitbull Akita Mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Axl
Age: Thirteen years old
Gender: Male Breed: Pitbull-Akita
Home: South Carolina, USA
   This is my Pitbull-Akita mix. His name is Axl and he's just the best dog anyone could ever ask for. He's very loving, great with the kids, and the whole family, but very protective! I don't have to worry about anyone messing with my home, my family, or me with him around. I saved him from the pound when he was 6 months and he's been my best friend every since. He's getting old, but he's still in excellent health.

     He likes to be where ever I am. He follows me every where. When I am sitting on the couch he is at my feet and if I go to another room he follows. He loves to be scratched on his back right above his tail. If anyone starts petting him he will move till their hand is there. He does sit, lay, and shake paws. We kinda have ESP, I only have to look at him or snap my fingers and he knows what I want him to do. He knows if I'm feeling down or happy. He has a unique personality. He's a lot like me. You know the old saying that dogs are like their owners. He has saved my old apartment and roommate from getting robbed a couple times.

     When he first meets someone, he acts tough, but once he sees that they are cool he likes to make them pet him. Everyone that knows him loves him and feels safe with him around. He plays with our Yorkie named Marley a good bit and Marley just loves him. We had a pitbull named Slash that died recently, and that was his best dog friend. All three of them would play all the time. It's funny because Marley thinks he's just as big as Axl and he will jump all over Axl. Axl will just shake him off and play with him, but he won't hurt Marley. Axl is very aware of his size and is careful with small dogs and kids. I don't know what life would be like without him. I love him very much and am glad to show him to everyone.

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