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Remington the Bloodhound, the Dog of the Day
Name: Remington
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male Breed: Bloodhound
Home: Surprise, Arizona, USA
   Remi is a big love sponge, he loves everything and everyone. While he can be a handful he's a very very good boy. He's my BFF.

     As I said, he's the ultimate love sponge, loves to get rubs, never met a stranger as he loves everyone, and loves every other dog he meets too. Remington is a typical bloodhound, has to sniff everything and everyone he meets. He knows where everything is in the house you can't hide anything from him, the nose always knows If I've done a task while he's outside for a romp. He will come in and put that nose to the ground and follow every step I made while he was outside. He loves to retrieve the tennis ball, we play that most evenings and has a little dachshund buddy named Schroeder that he plays with.

     Remington is named after the artist Frederic Remington, his "paper" name is Cruizin's Arizona Cowboy which is one of Remington's paintings. He can sling a slobber clear across the room with one shake of his head, once there was what I called a stalactite hanging from the ceiling fan (a slobber), couldn't believe it. He loves to go for walks and always up for any ride in the car where he leaves lots of "nose art" on my car windows from that big nose.

     The picture is pretty typical he's a happy, happy boy who loves his toys, and always carrying one around. He's a big boy but certainly a gentle giant, he likes to take your hand in his mouth and lead you to the kitchen when he wants a treat and is as gentle as a lamb. He also has a big stainless bucket he drinks his water from and he likes to drink from the bottom of the bucket, he sticks his whole head in the bucket to get a drink. He's a Messy Bessy, but I love him lots.

c, the Dog of the Day

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