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Fancy the Shar-pei, the Dog of the Day
Name: Fancy
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female Breed: Shar-pei
Home: Johnson City, Tennessee, USA
   This is Fancy. She is a two-year-old Traditional Arrowhead Shar-pei. She is my first Shar-pei. Fancy loves to get into trouble. When we saw her at the animal shelter I walked up to her cage she was asleep. I decided to shake the cage slightly. She flinched awake and she looked at me. At that moment I though she was going to jump up run at me and snarl because of the hostility in her eyes. But it turned out that glare in her eyes was fear. The tag on her door said that she was only 9 months old. Then when I kept reading I saw that she was a surrender and that she was beaten by her owner and the other dogs that lived there. I looked at her and immediately thought, I have to free you. She needs to come home with me. At that moment a worker walked up to me and said, "Be careful, that dog is vicious and will hurt you."

     I opened the cage door and she ran to the opposite end. I reached my hand out and she cowered away as if I was going to hurt her. I saw that I could see her bones so easily, and that she wasn't eating the food they gave her. So I paid $95, got her spayed and took her home.

     And now about two years later, here we are. Fancy is a sweet, but sassy, dog. She doesn't like other dogs too much, so when I go on walks with her she wears a muzzle so she doesn't go crazy. I love her, she has come a long way from those sad days.

Fancy the Shar-pei, the Dog of the Day Fancy the Shar-pei, the Dog of the Day

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