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Cece the Chihuahua, Terrier mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Cece
Age: One year old
Gender: Female Breed: Chihuahua, Terrier mix
Home: Michigan, USA
   Already onto her fourth home, when we took in this pup she seemed to be quite the troublemaker! She must have been quite naughty to have been rehomed so many times and yet our household already being used to special cases decided to have a go at her. And let me tell you, the trouble this terrier has brought is just devastating!

     She has done nothing but force her affections on every human, dog, cat, and any other living creature she is allowed to approach! Not even a shrew, whom snuck into the house for winter was able to escape her care when it was caught in her tall food dish. With one swift boop of aid the shrew happily escaped to cause havoc in the house another day.

     Being nothing but a menace, her terrier instinct has caused her to get into many situations that were just unbearable. These situations range from digging into your chest for optimum snuggles to blanket nests to plot for her next mischievous deed! If you think that is bad, let me tell you about her poor plush toys. While she may appear gentle and kind anything soft and squeaky doesn't have long to live. Cotton coating the carpet within days, and remains of a once whole toy still in her deadly maw.

     She is also excellent at a particular form of torture... Fetch! Many dogs perform this leizurely act with their humans... however Cece doesn't know when to stop. For hours she will be bringing you slimy toys to throw. Her energy is just inexhaustible making her particularity a problem child when the grand kids come over to burn off their own supply of inexhaustible energy. The poor house may not survive their play. Thankfully a large backyard helps prevent too much damage indoors.

     While Cece has proven to be such a destructive beast, we are so grateful to have this loving creature be a part of our family. She makes the world a much brighter place, one lick at a time!

Cece the Chihuahua, Terrier mix, the Dog of the Day Cece the Chihuahua, Terrier mix, the Dog of the Day Cece the Chihuahua, Terrier mix, the Dog of the Day

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