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Blue the Siberian Husky, the Dog of the Day
Name: Blue
Age: Two and a half months old
Gender: Male Breed: Siberian Husky
Home: Bismarck, North Dakota USA
   This is Blue, he is two months old in this picture, he is a white Siberian Husky with both eyes being blue. He lives in Bismarck and is full of energy, very smart, spoiled rotten and has "us" - his new humans - trained pretty well already.

      We got him at nine weeks old, and he is our first husky. My son always wanted a husky. After two days with us he was sitting, shaking and lying down, sleeping through the night and he still sleeps through the night. He loves to play ball and fetch branches, and seems to enjoy watching TV as well. He is very smart.

      He is pretty independent and does "talk" a bit. I am guessing as he gets older he will become more of a talker. The high energy is a real challenge, we went from being Basset Hound owners to a Husky ... quite different breeds. The way he talks and acts is really entertaining.

Blue the Siberian Husky, the Dog of the Day Blue the Siberian Husky, the Dog of the Day

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