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Rufus the Boerboel, the Dog of the Day
Name: Rufus
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Male Breed: Boerboel
Home: East Ayrshire, Scotland, UK
   This is Rufus, he's a ten-month-old pedigree Boerboel pup, he's a very happy and friendly boy and very gentle for his breed.

     He's currently weighing in at 65kg, he won't grow much taller now but he's got a lot of filling out to do and this time next year he should have all of his impressive mastiff muscle!

     We live in East Ayrshire in Scotland, and his best friend is my greenwing macaw called Fregley - they're inseparable!!

     Rufus is my second Boerboel, he's a completely different temperament to my first one though, my first was quite aggressive towards strangers which is typical of the breed, Rufus just adores attention and is super friendly! This may change when he matures though.

     German Shepherds have always been my favorite dogs but after getting a mastiff many years ago I changed my preference, I lost my old dogs a few years ago to old age and in February I decided to get another, after having a boerboel before I'm smitten and will always have this unusual breed now.

     His personality is amazing, he's such a goofy pup, he adores attention. For such a big tough breed (originally bred to fight off lions and leopards in South Africa ) they are mentally very sensitive - he can tell by my body language if I'm upset with him and usually that's enough. He's very food oriented so training him is easy - he walks to heel very nicely on or off the leash.

     He loves to play with anything, he'll happily run daft around the garden with a cardboard box or a feather and he loves to dig! There are holes everywhere in my garden!

     He also loves water - not a typical mastiff trait at all! He'll go out of his way to find it then there's no stopping him, when he does find water, he'll have a mad five minutes of splashing in and out and there's no reasoning with him until he's had enough.

     He's super affectionate and quite clingy - the breed is known as the Velcro dog so this is a typical trait, they're bred to be guard dogs so always stick close, he loves his sleep and boy can he snore! He also takes up a king size bed!

     Another trait of the boerboel is boxing! They always use their paws, when we're playing he'll swat me with his paws - I've had quite a few scratches off him!

     He's not scared of anything except my feather duster, he comes on all kinds of adventures with me and thinks nothing of exploring. He'll follow me anywhere, whether it's across open moorland, through thick forests or up high hills.

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