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Tucker the Basset Hound, the Dog of the Day
Name: Tucker
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male Breed: Basset Hound
Home: Englewood, Colorado, USA
   We adopted Tucker in early 2017 from a kill shelter in New Mexico. At that time, he was thought to be about five years old. We know nothing about his past, but when we got him we didn't think that he had ever been on a leash, possibly never indoors. He went through a lot as he was neutered, got used to his new surroundings, and got house trained. For the first few weeks, he was almost silent and very wary, but has warmed up and now enjoys daily walks, wandering in the yard and hiking in the mountains. He is very affectionate to family, but remains a little territorial and fearful of strangers, sometimes afraid of other dogs - we are still working on this and he continues to improve.

     Tucker is not big on dog toys, but enjoys belly rubs, car rides and being petted. He is not too thrilled to visit the vet. As with our two previous bassets, he is very food motivated for training.

     Many older dogs wait in shelters for families to foster or adopt them and we would encourage people to consider a more mature dog as a great family pet.

Tucker the Basset Hound, the Dog of the Day

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