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Rover the Toy Poodle, the Dog of the Day
Name: Rover
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male Breed: Toy Poodle
Home: Mesa, Arizona USA
   Hello everyone, my name is Rover. I know that's a big name for such a small guy, but don't let the gold nail polish fool you, I'm pretty tough. I was named Rover because my Mom and Dad were full-time RVers and they wanted me to 'rove' the country with them...they needed a good watch dog. When I was really young I hung out in Mom's sweatshirt pocket but when I got bigger I took my place on the dash of their RV and watched the world go by.

     Unfortunately we didn't get to do too much roving because my Dad got sick and went to Heaven. Mom and I now live in a house without wheels in Arizona. She does something called 'work' during the day while I protect the house. I must do a pretty good job because she's always so happy when she comes home and sees that everything is safe, and then she spoils me rotten. She feeds me gourmet dog food, takes me for walks, keeps me very well groomed (even though I just hate baths) and scratches my belly whenever I ask her to. I reward her for such good care by allowing her to sleep in the big bed with me.

     Mom still travels once in awhile to visit her human kids, but now she flies (which I thought only birds could do). Since I can't seem to get off the ground I have to stay in Arizona with a bunch of dogs and their Mom and Dad. I think Mom loans me to them so I can train the dogs to be good watch dogs, but they're not too bright. I have to do all the work, barking to let them know when something is going on outside. It's OK, I guess, except I have to share the big bed with the Mom, Dad and all three dogs! It's really crowded. When we all go for walks I can keep up with the big dogs just fine, but sometimes I like to get in the stroller with the old dog and play like we're Jack and Rose in 'Titanic'...I'm the king of the world! I'm the king of my Mom's world, that's for sure, because she really misses me when she's away. I really like her too...I think I'll keep her!

Rover the Toy Poodle, the Dog of the Day

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