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Calvin the Pointer mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Calvin
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male Breed: Pointer mix
Home: Dallastown, Pennsylvania, USA
   Calvin was returned from at least three homes before he found his true family. No one at ARI could understand why Calvin couldn't find a home to call his own. He is calm, friendly, and polite. He had a difficult time with the last transition to the rescue environment, but little did he know that his forever home was right around the corner with a little brother who really needed him and his outgoing, friendly personality. Calvin was reluctant at first in his new home, but he soon realized that he would always have a place in bed with his parents, a secure hiding spot during thunderstorms, chicken in his dish every evening, fun car rides, long walks, and a warm spot in his favorite chair.

     He came when our rescue dog Tyler was at a loss after his big brother passed away unexpectedly. We knew he needed a buddy to keep him on track with his new-found courage and socialization skills, so searched for just the right friend, and that search led them to Calvin, who Tyler still looks to anytime there is a new situation or a stranger approaching them.

     Calvin checks out all the strangers first so that Tyler feels more comfortable greeting them. They are both well-behaved, funny, adorable, love to go on trips to the beach, take long walks, eat ice cream, and get belly scratches every day!

Calvin the Pointer mix, the Dog of the Day Calvin the Pointer mix, the Dog of the Day

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