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Capton the Shih Tzu, Chihuahua mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Capton
Age: Two and a half months old
Gender: Male Breed: Shih Tzu, Chihuahua mix
Home: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
   Capton Charles "Chuck" is an almost three-month-old, green-eyed, ShiChi (Shih Tzu & Chihuahua mix), with an extremely adventurous and playful personality. He was born on May 7th, and became my little reminder of gratitude less than two months later. The name came to me as I was looking at puppies online, the same day I got him. His name is a play upon the word "captain" meaning a leader, chief, one who stands at the head of others. I break Capton down into Cap; "a covering to protect from," and ton as the measure of weight. So Capton for me means; a large amount of protection, which he has been. Charles came from the little boy that sold Capton to me. As I was leaving, he asked to hold him one more time. As he held him, he asked what I was going to name him. When I stated "Capton", he said, "can you name him Charles. I like that name." So, his middle name became Charles or "Chuck" if you ask a few of my friends.

     Capton has come into my life during a low time. I've been experiencing a lot of downs internally and externally within my days, and Capton has been the one thing that continues to brighten my day. He is very intuitive and empathic. Anytime I am upset, he instantly runs to console. He is a cuddle bear as well! He doesn't make too much noise, unless he's playing, then he likes to growl and let out the cutest little howls. He stays close to me, so he is currently being off-the-leash trained. He took to healing crystals from the moment he was put into my arms and began nibbling on my rose quartz bracelet. So, I keep a chakra balancing, crystal healing collar around his neck that I made to grow as he does.

     When I got him, he was a little over one pound, and now he's almost four pounds; a tiny thing with a big personality. He's still a baby, so "no biting" is an overly used statement in the house. While he is very protective, he is not aggressive. He can recognize quickly if someone's energy is positive or negative to the space. He calms down when I play old school r & b and classic soul records. He relaxes to "The Isley Brother" pandora station the most. Because he is still growing by the second, he spends about 18-20 hours of the day sleeping. And definitely does he share of tiring himself, and everyone else out, when he is awake. I'm thankful that he is loved throughout my neighborhood as well. Even strangers melt when they see him. I am just very blessed to have been open enough to receive him into my life. Having a dog is definitely a big responsibility; a constant reminder that someone or something else is depending on you. A dependent on you. A lesson in life on being dependable. And I am grateful.

Capton the Shih Tzu, Chihuahua mix, the Dog of the Day Capton the Shih Tzu, Chihuahua mix, the Dog of the Day Capton the Shih Tzu, Chihuahua mix, the Dog of the Day

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