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Tuko the Border Collie mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Tuko
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Female Breed: Border Collie mix
Home: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
   Hello, my name is Tuko and I'm a border collie cross. I was adopted from the humane society when I was four years old.

     I'm a very clever dog and I love to trick my owners. I'm very quiet and I rarely bark but when I do, it means someone new has entered the house.

     I have a boyfriend named Jake who is also a border collie. When we see each other on our walks, we often play hide and seek which is tons of fun, or we just play with our owners together.

     I love food!!!!!!! I bet I'm the best begger, because when I turn on my "puppy dog eyes" look, my owners cannot say no.

     I am very spoiled and at one point I had my owner spoon feed me dog food because I wouldn't eat, ( I had a tummy ache). I do not get along with squirrels as I often run after them, with no luck in catching one.

     I love to travel and car rides are the best. Sometimes when one of my owners sits in my seat, I nudge them off and they get a kick out of that. I sometimes don't get along with other animals, and if I am bad I get scolded. But I am very good with people, making everyone laugh with my silly tricks. I love my home and especially my mommy, whom I follow around everywhere.

Tuko the Border Collie mix, the Dog of the Day Tuko the Border Collie mix, the Dog of the Day

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