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Sasha the Dog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Sasha
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female Breed: Dog
Home: Michigan, USA
   This is my dog Sasha, she is two years old, and I'm not sure of her breed. She is female, and what makes her special is her one ear is always relaxed while the other one is pointed up, as seen in the photos. She does the cutest head tilt when she hears the word walk! (Also seen in this top photo!)

     She's my third dog. I didn't have a choice because other than her, because my mom got her! Sasha very independent at times. But at times she is very affectionate, normally when I come home after being gone for a few hours. Her personality is strong - she can be very stubborn and very demanding! If she wants a walk she will cry at the door until she gets one - she has us trained.

      Sasha is not aggressive at all, though is very protective of her family. She knows that is her job, not one we assigned her, but one she assigned herself. Her favorite game is for us to chase each other around the yard. I love her!

Sasha the Dog, the Dog of the Day Sasha the Dog, the Dog of the Day Sasha the Dog, the Dog of the Day

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