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Bitty the Chihuahua, the Dog of the Day
Name: Bitty
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Female Breed: Chihuahua
Home: Snyder, Texas, USA
   Bitty is my long haired deer head Chihuahua. Bitty has always been special to me because of how quickly we connected. We shared a bond from day one when we got here. She's a preppy little princess sometimes but she's a total sweetheart. She does this trick I call stand pretty. When she does it, she gets on her back legs and her tail starts twitching and puts one of her paws on your leg and tilts her head.

     My grandmother got her as a puppy when I was seven. My dad and I lived with her at the time. My grandmother got sick after I and my dad moved out in 2012 when Bitty was about six years old, and so she gave Bitty to me. Bitty was not my first Chihuahua, but she is definitely my favorite. She's kind of secluded when it comes to other people but she's incredibly protective over me and she loves to go with me when I go out for jogs. She doesn't really like games but she sleeps with my Umbreon stuffed animal and she loves to watch reruns of "Grimm" and "House md" with me. She's an incredibly affectionate and talkative dog.

Bitty the Chihuahua, the Dog of the Day Bitty the Chihuahua, the Dog of the Day

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