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Piglet the Catahoula Leopard Dog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Piglet
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Female Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog
Home: Lancaster, California, USA
   Piglet is a seven-year-old Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. Rigorously trained and certified to find answers for families on land and in water. Piglet and handler Lori Wells, are dedicated Volunteers serving many communities. They're frequently called upon to assist Law Enforcement in their search for the missing. Lori and Piglet commit 100's of hours annually to training and testing. This ensures they're always ready when called to search.

     Piglet is my fourth Search and Rescue Catahoula. I have admired the breed for 20 years and love sharing my Volunteer work with them.

     I believe it was "fate" that Piglet ended up with me. Nobody wanted her. People aren't typically attracted to Catahoulas with a lot of white. I thought that she was beautiful. And, she seemed to "think." She would sit back and just watch the other puppies. She'd join when she was ready to, and was always assessing.

     Piglet's built a solid reputation with LE throughout California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. Not only for her unswerving work ethic and talented nose, but also for her infectious "smile." SShe always makes friends at PR events and fundraisers. Everyone wants to "Kiss the Pig." But, it's out in the field where she's most effective, an unparalleled search resource and comfort to the families she's helping. Piglet was called to locate a drowning victim. Searchers had spent seven days in the lake with no luck. On day eight, Piglet deployed and found the subject! Another example was when she deployed in a remote wilderness area to find a missing father/husband. After long hours in the field, Piglet found the subject who, sadly, was deceased. Though this is not the outcome wished for on any search, Piglet's diligence and tenacity in making the find allowed the wife and nine kids the answers needed to move forward. Like her smile, Piglet doesn't fade or give up!

     When Piglet is not working, she basically oversees everything in the house. The other dogs, where she "prefers" her blankets to be, and of course re-arranging all of the other dogs toys and beds. Piglet is very easy going. Even in her work ethic. A dog does not have to bounce off the walls to get the job done.

      Piglet is very affectionate. She loves attention and loves to kiss. She does well at PR events for our team. But, she absolutely will work independently of me to help find answers for grieving families. A search dog needs to do that. I guess you could say that she gives me the best of both worlds!

     Piglet's up for a Hero Dog Award, her voting link through 7/11/2018 is here. She is in the semi finals now. Hope to be in the televised finals! Daily voting please. : )

     Piglet also has her own Facebook page called Piglet Search and Rescue Hero Dog Awards. We are Volunteers that help return missing loved ones to their families.

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