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Buddy the Smooth Collie, the Dog of the Day
Name: Buddy
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male Breed: Smooth Collie
Home: Tennessee, USA
   This is Buddy, he is a seven-year-old Smooth Collie. He lives with me (Matthew), my beautiful wife and our two cantankerous cats. At 80 pounds he is big for his breed, but healthy. I have never had a Collie before, though I had a dog as a child. My wife on the other hand had a Rough Collie (long hair) as their family dog as a child. She and her mother loved that dog, and it lived a long life with them.

     Five years ago my mother-in-law died tragically, none of us saw it coming one day she was fine the next she was in the hospital and she passed three days later. It hit the entire family hard especially my wife as she was an only child. As a means of helping her and her father I began looking into finding the breeder she had gotten their Collie from when she was a child, however as more than 20 years had passed that was not in the cards. Then my wife found a breeder here in Tennessee. The breeder was retiring and had a "puppy" he could not handle anymore. We drove all day (six-hour drive for us) to meet the breeder and the puppy.

     When we arrived there was Buddy at two years old, he was all attitude and energy! He had been shown and even won a few awards, but his master was in no place to take care of this force of nature. He was acting more like a horse than a dog. So I spent the day with him, ran him got jumped on my him etc. My wife was in love. Exactly one year after her mother passed, Buddy came into our life. At nearly eight years old now he is more attitude than energy these days, but don't let the white patches fool you he can still keep up on any hike we take. He is incredibly obedient if a little reluctant. We also have two cats both of whom love to lay in my wife's lap, well Buddy not to be left out always plants his 80 pound fuzzy butt in my lap... he hasn't figured out how heavy he is yet ... oh well. He is the Dog of the Day every day with me.

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