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Jade the Affenpinscher, the Dog of the Day
Name: Jade
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Female Breed: Affenpinscher
Home: Westminster, Colorado, USA
   This is Holmes' Little Lady "Jade" - our girl!

      My husband and I would quickly tell you that we have always been "big dog" people. Saying good-bye to our family's best friend, Holmes' Bull Dozer, a 120 lb. Rottweiler, was one of the toughest things to experience. As time passed and kids began leaving the nest, the house seemed almost too quiet and conversations of another pet became more frequent. The idea of a little house dog seemed silly to us, and we agreed we did not want a "yippy little ankle biter" (thoughts from "big dog people"). So, we did research about small breeds that "don't yip, don't shed, and don't bite ankles." We joked the only place to find that dog was in the stuffed section at Toys R Us.

     Then, we discovered the Affenpinscher. We found a breeder in Kansas and anxiously awaited the arrival of Holmes' Little Lady Jade. It took all of us time to adjust to this teensy weensy black ball of fur that was always under foot and struggling to climb the stairs in our home. Goodness! the breeder could not let us take her home until she weighed two pounds and that was at eight weeks old. Now she is a whopping five and a half lbs. and oh my God do we love Jade to death!!

     She is such a funny little character and always has to be close to whom ever is home. The kids and their friends say she looks like an Ewok. Her expressions are priceless, she actually pouts better than any of us girls in the house and she absolutely loves my husband! He rides a Harley and every time he is about a block from the house Jade starts her "hot coals" dance in front of the door until he picks her up to say hello. No barking, just that hilarious dance. She does bark though ... but only as the five pounds of fury she thinks she is when a stranger approaches the house. We never thought we could own a tiny house dog, and now, none of us could imagine our home without our Jade. Never say never.

      We are truly converted "Big Dog" people.

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