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Bebe the Corgi, the Dog of the Day
Name: Bebe
Age: Fourteen years old
Gender: Male Breed: Bichon Frise
Home: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
   TThis is my wonderful companion Bebe. We adopted him when he was about 4 and he is now 14. We had asked the local shelter to be on the lookout for a poodle or poodle mix as a companion for our miniature poodle Coco who had been sad ever since his poodle buddy and adopted grandpa passed over the rainbow bridge. When we picked Bebe up from the shelter, his fur was a mess of tangles and matts, so we immediately took him to the groomer who informed us that he would have to be shaved completely before he could be properly groomed. “And also,” the groomer said, “that dog is no poodle. He’s a Bichon.”

     We couldn’t have found a better companion for Coco. He is sweet and loving and lets Coco be the boss. His favorite things are Fuji apples, going for walks, tummy rubs and snuggling. He can sit and stay and give paw. He hates for me to go away and when the suitcase comes out of the closet he will make a bed in it as if to say, "You’re taking me with you this time!"

     He has always been full of crazy energy. When he first came to live with us his favorite toy was a small teddy tear that he tumbled and fought with as if it were alive. Although he is getting slower as he gets older due to his arthritic hips, he still gets very excited when it’s time to go outside and yelps and runs crazy circles in place just like a circus dog.

     When I am working at home, every few hours he comes up to me and asks to be picked up and petted. (See the picture of him waiting to be scooped up for a snuggle.) Just a few minutes of attention seems to fill his love tank and he is good to go. He’s very much a lover and not a fighter so he’s not much of a barker. However, when he does let out a bark, this little fellow surprises everyone with his deep “basso profundo” sound.

     Bebe has been an incredible blessing in my life.

Bebe the Corgi, the Dog of the Day Bebe the Corgi, the Dog of the Day Bebe the Corgi, the Dog of the Day Bebe the Corgi, the Dog of the Day

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