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Milo the Schnauzer mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Milo
Age: Four and a half years old
Gender: Male Breed: Schnauzer mix
Home: Stephenville, Texas, USA
   Milo is going to be five years old in November. As far as I know, he's a overgrown mix schnauzer.

     Milo was abandoned, alongside his brother, in a co-worker's yard at the time. He was about five weeks old as the vet told me when I took him in. I had just lost my dog, Rollie, and was not sure if I was ready for another one but Milo had nowhere to go but the pound so I thought maybe we could help each other. He is very sweet but can be possessive. Not in a aggressive way, he just doesn't like to share me with other dogs or even people. When we go running with someone or if I am sleeping next to someone, he likes to be in the middle.

     Milo knows how to sit, shake, high-five, lay down, and he also knows (kind of) how to play dead when I pretend "shoot him". Some of his favorite things to do are go running with me, tug-of-war, and fetch. I always know when he wants to play because he will set his head on my lap and pout. Haha. We have a very strong bond and he's really my best friend. After a hard day, Milo will lay with me on the couch to relax and watch some T.V.

Milo the Schnauzer mix, the Dog of the Day Milo the Schnauzer mix, the Dog of the Day

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