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Soren the Belgian Tervuren, the Dog of the Day
Name: Soren
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Male Breed: Belgian Tervuren
Home: Sweden
   This is Soren, he is a big fluffy ball of fun. Belgian Tervuren has been my dream dog breed since I was little, and I am so happy I decided to start looking to get another dog when I did, considering how uncommon Tervurens are here in Sweden, when I saw that article for those beautiful puppies, and I just had to get one.

     I took Soren home at eight weeks, and he was such a tiny fluffy boy. He was so afraid of everything, cars, people, dogs, anything new was scary. I had to be very patient with him in the beginning. He was, and still is a very sensitive dog, even hearing the slightest irritation in my voice will make him scared, but that's fine since I could never get mad at him anyway.

     He's a huge cuddlebug, and loves hugs and pats, he practically craves it, haha, One of his less fun attributes is that he has terrible separation anxiety, and can't be without me for even a minute without crying, but I imagine that will go away eventually with some training, but until then I don't mind bringing him with me everywhere.

     If there's one thing Soren loves above anything else it's chasing a ball. Since he's a very high energy dog, it can get tiresome to try to walk out all of his energy, so I made sure from day one that he knew how to play fetch, and man has it paid off. We'll go down to the fields and play fetch until he is so tired he can hardly walk home, and when we get back it's the perfect time to teach him some fun tricks.

     Some of his more impressive tricks include: Wave, up (jumping up on the object I'm pointing at), going around me in a circle, speak, shame (putting his paw on his nose), and limping. I have a whole list of other tricks that I'm so excited to teach him in the future, and if he knew I'm certain that he would be excited too.

     's a very good boy, and while there are still some behaviors I'd like to improve, and some behaviors that I want to get rid of completely, he's still such a good dog, and I love him very much.

Soren the Belgian Tervuren, the Dog of the Day Soren the Belgian Tervuren, the Dog of the Day Soren the Belgian Tervuren, the Dog of the Day

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