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Stormie and Boomer the Boston Terriers, the Dogs of the Day
Name: Stormie, Boomer
Age: Ten years old, Eleven years old
Gender: Female, Male Breed: Boston Terrier
Home: New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA
   This is a photo of our Boston Terriers celebrating the 4th of July - Independence Day - by wearing patriotic T-shirts and eagle hats.

     They are our fifth and sixth Bostons over the course of 31 years! They are lively, affectionate, smart, and inquisitive. They are devoted "velcro" companions who like treats, car rides, walks, chasing squirrels and guarding the house and yard.

     Both were purchased as adults from Grayhaven Bostons of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Boomer is a retired show dog. Stormie was intended for breeding but is too tiny at ten pounds. She makes Boomer look huge at eighteen pounds, but he is actually average sized. Her AKC name is Grayhavens Tempest in a Teacup (Stormie) and he is Grayhavens Bonafide Brainstorm (Boomer). Althouth Boomer is almost twice Stormie's size, she is the boss and the alpha.

     They both know the same tricks, including sit, stay, come, shake, dance, twirl/spin, rollover, play dead and jump for a treat held high overhead. Like all Bostons, they are wearing a fur black and white tuxedo.

     Both dogs LOVE people. The neighborhood kids are very interested in them and think it is hilarious when the dogs lick them all over. They hate rain and snow but Boomer in particular refuses to go outside in storms without a nudge. Like most flat faced breeds they are very heat and cold sensitive.

     No house is a home without a few Bostons running around snorting!!

Stormie the Boston Terrier, the Dog of the Day Boomer the Boston Terrier, the Dog of the Day

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