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Hawkeye the American Indian Dog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Hawkeye
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male Breed: American Indian Dog
Home: The Netherlands
   Hawkeye is an American Indian Dog. He was born at Song Dog Kennels in Oregon and he was the first Indian Dog that came to Europe. He has shared his life with us for almost twelve years now and still going strong. He is a wonderful dog with a great personality. He loves to play and boss other dogs around. He likes to spend time at the horse stables and he is interested and friendly to all animals. He loves children. He is also the sire of the first litter of indian dog pups in the Netherlands.

     Hawkeye loves to work. He helps us herding the horses, goats and other animals. Hawkeye also guards the house. At night he likes to sleep on the feet end of the bed and he doesn't like to be woken up early. We hope Hawkeye stays this strong and healthy and keeps sharing his life with us for many many years to come.

Hawkeye the American Indian Dog, the Dog of the Day

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