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Luna the Red Heeler, Pug mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Luna
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Female Breed: Red Heeler, Pug mix
Home: Madison, Wisconsin, USA
   This is Luna (but she also answers to Papuna, Baboona, Tuna). She is now nine years old, and people are amazed she's that old - she's the Dick Clark of the dog world! She is a mix of Red Heeler (also called an Australian Cattle Dog) and Pug, and is truly unique.

     This dog is truly a gem. We found her on Petfinder at a rescue North of Madison. She came from Chicago. When I met her at the shelter I called my wife and because the petfinder picture wasn't great. My wife asked, "Would you walk her in the daylight?" I said, "Yes," and the rest has been a very very fun time.

     Her cattle dog side likes to herd, while her pug side just wants to love you. She has a pattern she runs in the house when that is very consistent. We have been asked if she is part hyena, since she is all neck. We call this third picture "Luna for President," as she looks like she is posing for her campaign portrait.

     Our one-foot tall, rectangle with fur. She's all ours.

Luna the Red Heeler, Pug mix, the Dog of the Day Luna the Red Heeler, Pug mix, the Dog of the Day

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