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Iggy the Bassett Hound, the Dog of the Day
Name: Iggy Buddy
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male Breed: Bassett Hound
Home: Kinzer, Pennsylvania, USA
   The first thing most people notice about me are my huge ears and paws. Well, after all, I am a Basset and big ears come with the territory. My Mommy and Daddy used to tell me unless I kept them out of my food bowl they were going to tie them up for me, in case I was very hungry and tried to eat them! But they are good for saving food on for those late night snacks!

     The fun stuff I do to annoy my Mommy and Daddy are to lose my collar in the yard in the middle of a snow storm, chew on my sister Branda Leigh's short Basset ears, or sleep in the middle of the big waterbed, and refuse to move when they come to bed! I guess I should sleep on the waterbed they bought for me and Branda Leigh, but why, isn't getting thrown off my parent's bed half the fun of being a puppy? Besides with a face like mine, who would do it anyways? Now to just figure out why I can't play with those Bassets they keep in a cage!

     Mom here. As for Iggy, he's the love of my life. We had to put down our oldest son Syren (Shepherd/Lab mix) because of cancer and Iggy came along right after that. He has so many of Syren's traits, and he just loves his sister to death! I couldn't ask for a better pal when I'm sick, sad or just in a bad mood. (And as for the Bassets in a cage he wonders about, they're my pet rats.)

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