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Paris the Standard Poodle text, the Dog of the Day
Name: Paris
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male Breed: Standard Poodle
Home: South Bend, Indiana, USA
   Hi Everyone! I am having such an amazing life that I wanted to share it with you. I met my mom when I was just four weeks old when she came to see us and I knew I wanted to go home with her at that point. She kept coming back to visit me and when I turned 8 weeks old she took me to my new home.

     I have been in school a lot. It started with puppy kindergarten and then I went to obedience and advanced obedience classes, agility, rally and even earned a title in rally competition.

     My mom decided she wanted to share my friendly and intelligent personality (not to mention my stunning good looks) with others so I became a certified therapy dog and I really enjoy going to hospitals, assisted living places, juvenile justice centers, and visiting retired sisters at a college. I love bringing smiles to faces, doing tricks and getting petted by everyone.

     Since my mom loves to read, she and I developed a "Read To A Canine Friend" program at our local library where children can come and read to me and I have made many new friends through this program. I get my picture taken a lot since I go to so many places and I have to admit, I love posing when I see a camera.

     This year I will start going to college. My mom works there and we are developing another program to help relieve stress for students during exam week and I can hardly wait to go on this adventure.

     I love going on my walks every day, car rides, playing with my soccer ball, squeaking all my toys, eating doggie ice cream, challenging my mom to play in the yard and meeting new people.

     I am a very busy dog but I would not want it any other way. Loving Life!

Paris the Standard Poodle text, the Dog of the Day Paris the Standard Poodle text, the Dog of the Day Paris the Standard Poodle text, the Dog of the Day

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