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Tiger the Cattle Dog/Whippet mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Tiger
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male Breed: Cattle Dog/Whippet mix
Home: Rockwood, Tennessee, USA
   Tiger has been with me for over two years now. Last year we logged over 1500 miles. He is the brindle shepherd looking dog with tiger stripes. he can run fast enough to corner deer. loads of fun on and off the trail. he can catch a treat in his mouth from over 20ft. if you get it even close to his head he gets it.

     He was a rescue and I think he saved me more than I saved him. Thanks to him, I quit drinking too much and went from 15 cigars a week to five or six a month. We put him in agility class and he got every obstacle right the first time. All he wants to do all day is run run run and then run some more. After a 20-mile hike when the rest of us are dead tired, he acts as if the hike just started. I should have named him trouble because he has a nose for it. this year he has already been roughed up by wild pigs twice, skunked once, and got his foot caught in a clamp trap. and all that was before April. I think he's got some cattle dog and grey hound in him because he has the speed and drive of both.

Tiger the Cattle Dog/Whippet mix, the Dog of the Day Tiger the Cattle Dog/Whippet mix, the Dog of the Day

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