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Foxy Bear the Chow Chow, the Dog of the Day
Name: Foxy Bear
Age: Six years old
Gender: Female Breed: Chow Chow
Home: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
   Hi! My name is Foxy Bear. I am a six year old Chow Chow. My Mommy named me Foxy because I am red like a fox and my ears are like a teddy bear's ears. I was born in Charleston, SC and now live in Charlotte, NC. I love to take walks and ride in the car. In my spare time, I like to chase birds and squirrels, but I have never caught one. But this does not keep me from trying.

     As the picture shows, I love all kinds of weather, except the rain. Such a princess as I do not like to get wet. My mommy tells me that I have a wide vocabulary and cause people to have to spell words around me; especially words like "Walk" and "Car". When I hear either of these words, I go crazy! Mommy is convinced I can read her mind and that I understand everything she says. The fact is I can. She raised me with patience and thorough training.

     My Mommy tells me how blessed she is to have me. See, a few months ago I had to have a four hour surgery to remove an unknown tumor that was wrapped around my intestines. Since this surgery, I feel like a new puppy. I feel refreshed and light hearted. Now I have the energy to play with my new sister, Marley. She's a chow mix Mommy saved from the pound.

     My Mommy also tells me I dispel the common perception most people have about Chows. I am kind, soft hearted and gentle. Yet I am like a Chow in that I protect my home and my family.

     I hope that my Mommy knows how much I love her because I can tell how much she loves me. I wish that every dog, cat and pet could feel the same way I do about life.

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