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Peanut the Yorkshire Terrier, the Dog of the Day
Name: Peanut
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Home: Columbia, South Carolina, USA
   Peanut is special because she was so tiny at birth, it is miraculous that she lived. For three weeks, she had to be hand fed. She was so tiny she was too weak to nurse.

     Now that she is all grown up she is only two and a half pounds, but has a heart as big as can be. She is the object of much affection at our house. She's our little nugget of sweetness, and is very spoiled, as you can see from her Halloween picture from last fall. She gets special bows for every holiday of course, and does wear sweaters when it gets cold outside - she is just too small to generate much heat on her own. She is looking forward to more treats this year - not that she ever lacks any! She loves to walk on the beach and loves her cousin, Freckles, a Dalmatian.

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