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Nero the German Pinscher, the Dog of the Day
Name: Nero
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male Breed: German Pinscher
Home: Oslo, Norway
   I would like to introduce my dog Nero, he is a German Pinscher. Though people think he is a miniature Doberman, this breed is the older one, and is part of the origins of the Doberman Pinscher.

     Nero is a wonderful dog. We train obedience, and SAR (Search and Rescue) work. He is a loyal companion, he is soft as a lamb, and if needed, he can protect me like a wolf would defend its pack. He loves everybody, especially children and other dogs. He adjusts to every type of life, and he is simply "the best."

     I want others to see him, so that others can get to know this fantastic but unusual (in USA) breed. They are loyal, they are smart, easy to train, good watch dogs, and most of all they are fun, as you can see when they dance their tango - as Nero is doing here with another Pincscher buddy!

Nero the German Pinscher, the Dog of the Day

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