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Angus the Boxer, the Dog of the Day
Name: Angus
Age: Eight months old
Gender: Nale Breed: Boxer
Home: New York, USA
      My puppy's name is Angus, and he is a eight-month-old white male boxer (born April 20), though he was five months in this picture. As you can see from his picture, he fell and broke his leg at age 16 weeks! Cornell Veterinary Hospital took wonderful care of him, and even made him a "custom cast" with his name on it each time it was changed! Keeping him from playing and further injuring it was certainly a challenge during the recovery process.

     I am happy to report that this little guy is running around with our other white boxer, Libbi. He hears just fine - it is a myth that all "white boxers" are deaf, those some are. His "deafness" is only what we ca;; "selective hearing" - h might pretend he doesn't hear commands sometimes, but can hear the word ‘cookie" from another room, even whispered!

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