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Kyser the American Bulldog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Kyser
Age: One year old
Gender: Male Breed: American Bulldog
Home: United States
   This is Kyser, my year-old American Bulldog. Kyser is a very special dog to me and my family. He always does silly things to make me and my husband smile even if we are having a bad day. Kyser loves to play ball, whether it be basketball, kickball, or just plain old catch. As you can see he don't mind taking pictures, especially when he gets to go in the woods and explore. My dog is very special to me, he knows how to comfort me when things are not going so good. Last year we had an unfortunate accident when my other two American Bulldogs ran out of the yard and got hit by a truck. I swear that was the worst day of life, but Kyser, as sad as I know he was when Bam and Ivy never came home, stood by my side while I cried and mourned the great loss that we had. If I cried, this huge puppy would crawl into my lap and hug and kiss me as if to say everything will be alright.

      Kyser looks like a big old mean dog (according to most people), but in all reality he is just a big teddy bear who has no problem giving love to anyone who could use his charm to brighten up their day. Kisses are always available, too.

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