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Zoe the French Bulldog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Zoe
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Female Breed: French Bulldog
Home: Alabama, USA
   Zoe may be 11 in age, but she is a puppy at heart. She became ours to love at the tender and roly-poly age of about nine weeks old. She has been a funny and loving girl her entire life. Her favorite snack is a goldfish cracker (or ten). She still loves toys and when she is feeling playful, we can hear her rummaging through her toy basket to pick just the right one that suits her at that moment. When anyone comes home, she never fails to grab a toy and bring it to us (but, she doesn't want you to actually have it).

     Zoe lives to intimidate the cat with stares and following its every step. She apologizes with jumps and kisses when scolded. She loves her humans, especially her sister (Summer, 15) and is insulted when she has friends over. She hates any form of hygienic practices and will pout for a bit afterwards. Zoe loves to be outside in the sun and a random stick to chew and tug makes for the perfect outing! She is definitely a big, lively part of our family. Just don't tell her she is a dog!!

Zoe the French Bulldog, the Dog of the Day

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