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Jason the Tibetan Spaniel, the Dog of the Day
Name: Jason
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male Breed: Tibetan Spaniel
Home: Portland, Maine, USA
   Jason's hard to describe. He is very lovable and gentle. He can be very excitable if you ask him if he wants to go walkies or outside, jumping up etc. He always lets you know when he wants feeding, or to go out. You can get him to wait for his food (for a few minutes) if you tell him to go lie down and be a good doggie. He has a sister, and each of them comes to the other's aid if they want something. He sleeps on the bed all night, most often on his back. He sometimes gets "fitty," and runs around the house as fast as he can go, bumping into things, going under furniture, over his sister if she is in his way, jumping into chairs, so as to almost knock them over. But most of the time, he is just his own quiet lovable self. He has lots of toys, but doesn't play with them very often. He has to have one to take in the chair with him when he goes to sleep, either a toy or a toilet paper roll. He loves to take toilet paper rolls out of the waste paper basket. He also brings one of his toys to me when I come in the door. He loves to read magazines, catalogues, etc. He will take one from anywhere he can find one, and gradually rip it all apart.

     I don't think he knows many tricks, except getting things he wants, and he is so delightful and cute, that you can't ignore him. He has a very expressive face so you know exactly what he's thinking. (Note the eye brows in the picture.) You can tell whether he is sad, happy, hurt, or anxious. He puts on the hurt expression if you want to sit in the chair he's already in.

     He's very intelligent, and I think he understands most of what we say. When he is outside, he has selective hearing. He can completely ignore you! Yet in the house, he can hear the refrigerator door open, or the rustle of paper of a cereal box.

     He will eat almost anything, broccoli, carrots, most any vegetable, loves lettuce and cabbage, bananas, anything that we eat, just about. We don't give him potatoes or onions. Crazy for strawberries.

     Well, as you can probably tell, I could go on all day about Jason. He is so "human." I think Tibetan Spaniels are a mixture of dog, cat, and human.

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