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Ginger the Cocker Spaniel, the Dog of the Day
Name: Ginger
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Male Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Home: Port Jefferson Station, New York, USA
   Ginger is a senior (but don't call him that to his face) cocker spaniel dog who gets around just great despite being blind. Ginger lost sight in one eye due to an accident outside and the other one to diabetes. Ginger lives happily in our house in Port Jefferson Station, New York. He loves to be scratched behind his ears and loves to play and jump all over us.

      Whenever we walk him, he'll come back in the house and then run around in circles until we give him a dog biscuit. He also has to cope with his brother who snaps at him for wandering too close to the food or water bowl. Blind as he is, he still leads a good life. We don't move the furniture around randomly, so he navigates from memory, and from smell we suspect. But as I said, it does not slow him down one bit, he is an inspiration to everyone who meets him.

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