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Sassy the Toy Poodle, the Dog of the Day
Name: Toby, Bodhi
Age: Two years old, Six years old
Gender: Male Breed: Golden Retriever/Labrador Mix, Rottweiler
Home: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
      We, Toby and Bodhi, are very special to our parents. We like to sleep with them and we always give lots of kisses, especially when waking them up in the morning. Our hobbies are playing tug - of - war with each other, relaxing in the sun, hanging out in our swimming pool, and most of all posing for pictures, CHEESE!

     We are what you would call Military Brats, because our daddy is in the Air Force, but we have lots of hair. So we are the Hair Force! We are Toby almost two and six years in age but we still look good, hehe. The reason why we are special is because we are always there for our Mom and Dad when they are sad or feeling down and being the best friend possible is the most important thing to be shared between family. If you ever want to take some pictues of us, we smile real big! Oh, we have to go, mom and dad are going to bed, must go climb in and snuggle. Night Night.

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