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Lennox the Boxer, Pitbull mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Lennox
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Male Breed: Boxer, Pitbull Terrier mix
Home: Stafford, New York, USA
   Lennox is my Boxer, Pitbull terrier mix. He is such a good puppy, and that leaf picture from when he was even younger is my favorite picture of him ever. His eyes were still blue then, but now they are a handsome gold color. He is such a good puppy, he plays hard, all wiggles and energy - when he wags the whole back half of him swings around. I have heard that's called the Boxer special kidney bean dance, because that's the shape they make. And when he naps, he is out like a light.

     Some people think all pitbull are mean and scary - he could not be more gentle or friendly if he tried! He has a ton of toys, and would rather carry them around - or play tug with them - than tear them up. He is growing into his big bark, and is just all around a great puppy.

Lennox the Boxer, Pitbull mix, the Dog of the Day

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