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Cootje the Labrador Retriever, the Dog of the Day
Name: Cootje
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male Breed: Labrador Retriever
Home: Arkel, South Holland, The Netherlands
      Cootje is a boy and is three years old, he is an original chocolate brown Labrador Cootje Retriever, and that makes him special. There is only one Cootje Retriever on the hole world, and we have got him in our house! He is the cutest dog in the hole world, and has more love and friendship for us then a ever saw with humans. That makes him the absolute Dog of the Century for Me!

     We live in a small town called Arkel, in South-Holland, I have got the whole (extanded) kitchen for myself, but I like to call it my skybox'! There is a dogdoor in the backdoor so I can go in and out of the garden if I want to, and so I do that all day!! (I like to jump!) I like to play football with a bal that is just a bit to big for me, so I just keep running..!! I also like to play with a skateboard, put my first two feet on the board and run, mum never was able to get a good picture of that because I am too fast.

     In our town the other people with dogs cal me Turbo, because I have so much energie I also go to school, learning how to listen (I already did the first class, and before that puppy training!) But I have a problem with sitting up straight sometimes I just let myself lean on my daddy's leg, so when he moves ... we are in trouble.

     And on Thursdays, my and mum go to another class, but for me it is just playing, I have to go through tunnels, walk over bridges, and that as fast as possible, I only want it so bad, that sometimes I have a nervous little bark or (even wurse) I have to poop on the middle of the field!! (oeppsss!) I like to go swimming, everywhere anytime, but aspecially the sea is my favourite.

     Last holiday we went to Italy and to Switzerland, we went to a glacier and there I also jumped in the cold water, coming right out of the snow and ice, but I liked it! I also like to dive for stones and take them to my mum.

     Further I still need a lot of sleep, so when I am finished playing, I just drop down on the floor or in my own seat, and within a few seconds I am deep asleep. I don't know what the term `stress` meens. I like to sit on my mum's lap, but she doesn't seem to like that anymore, when I was a little puppy, she loved it, That I don't understand. But they both tell me every day they love me and I give them a lot of kisses and exercise back for it.

     Oh, since I was just a few months old, I also protect my mum, but only if she is alone at home, then I am a big bad dog!!!

     That's all about my world!!

     A big woeefffffffffffff from Cootje and Greetings from Saskia

Cootje the Labrador Retriever, the Dog of the Day Cootje the Labrador Retriever, the Dog of the Day

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