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Olive the Shih Tzu mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Olive
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Female Breed: Shih Tzu mix
Home: North Texas, USA
      This is our sweet, special girl, Olive. She is about nine years old and we adopted her from an animal rescue in North Texas. She's as sweet as can be!

     She enjoys long naps, getting fresh air, tummy scratches and walks. She is a snuggle-bug and wouldn't harm a fly.

     In the Texas summers we keep her hair clipped nice and short so she stays cool. During the cooler months when her hair is longer she looks like an Ewok! When she sneezes and it sounds like a snuffle, so I nicknamed her "Snuffy."

     Olive loves to say "Hello!" When we get home she is so excited to see us so we ask her to tell us a story and she says, "HellOo00o!" When she was younger she had a terrible time travelling in the car and would get sick everytime! We finally tried some herbal calming tablets and now she travels in the car like a pro! She even accompanied us on a road trip to Niagara Falls in Canada before the pandemic. We drove across the Rainbow Bridge near the border on the way to/from the Falls. We teased her and said, "Olive, it's not your time yet!". She was happy to safely reach the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. :)

     She's a mixed breed and we were so excited when we received an animal DNA test as a gift! We found out that she is 50% Shih-Tzu, 25% Lhasa Apso, 25% Maltese! And 100% perty!

     We love you Olive!

Olive the Shih Tzu mix, the Dog of the Day Olive the Shih Tzu mix, the Dog of the Day Olive the Shih Tzu mix, the Dog of the Day

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