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Willy the West Highland Terrier, Poodle mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Willy
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Male Breed: West Highland Terrier, Poodle mix
Home: United States
      Here is my dog Willy, he is a male West Highland Terrier and Poodle mix and he is eleven years old. Willy is truly a special dog. we got him at a rescue far away from our house so we had to drive and pick him up. he was a bit timid for the first few days but after that he was happy. It's like he suddenly realized he was in a good home, and wouldn't be abandoned again!

     He gets excited when we come home and especially when we mention walks and tummy rubs. He hardly ever barks which is great, especially considering both his breeds - Westies especially - are known to be very vocal. He has hair that keeps growing, not fur that sheds, and takes after the Westie side with the mostly straight fur. He looks like a cloud when we let it grow long, but one with paws and cute button eyes. ! We love him just as he is!

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