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Riley the Akita Inu, the Dog of the Day
Name: Riley
Age: Elevn months old
Gender: Male Breed: Akita Inu
Home: Ireland
      His name is Riley and he is a Japanese Akita (Inu) he's eleven months old and we live in Ireland. Riley is a lovely, soft, docile dog. He loves playing with other dogs and loves the attention of people. I have heard many bad things when it comes to Akitas but having Riley its very hard to believe. He's well behaved and hates being told off. He's full of energy and hates being on his own. He's your typical gentle giant!

      He likes chasing people and finding them when they hide, he also like trying to get the toy rope off people. When he's out in a field he like people to try and catch/chase him so he can run like mad.. He likes sleeping on the bed with me and cuddling up at night and follow me everywhere, he's like my little sidekick.. He hates being ignored, he likes playing with other dogs but can also be a big wuss when it comes to other dogs too as if he's not sure about them he just stand there and cries. He's a very loyal and affectionate dog but at the same time he would never harm a fly.

Riley the Akita Inu, the Dog of the Day Riley the Akita Inu, the Dog of the Day Riley the Akita Inu, the Dog of the Day

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