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Rhett the Siberian Husky mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Rhett
Age: One year, one month old
Gender: Male Breed: Siberian Husky mix
Home: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
      This is Rhett. He is a Siberian Husky (65%), German Shepherd (30%) and Boxer (5%) mix. Rhett was rescued from a kill shelter. He was known as the complainer of the group because he whined so much, but now he uses his voice to try to talk! He's the biggest sweetheart and adores me but he's also a scaredy cat! Oh and a spaz. His favorite thing to do is jump out of the bushes. Weirdo!

      He is my second rescue husky mix. My first husky mix passed away in November of 2020 suddenly and unexpectedly. I had found a massive oral tumor in the beginning of November and we were in the process of having it biopsied for treatment when it consumed his entire mouth and he was no longer about to eat or drink anything. At that time, the vet determined he had no quality of life and I had to make the horrible decision to end his suffering. He was barely 5, it turned out to be a brain tumor. I rescued Rhett in honor of Gunner (my first husky's) memory and his life. I was very picky when looking at rescues for puppies because I wanted one with husky in him. Which is when I stumbled across Rhett. He's attached to my hip, far from independent. But will venture around my house by himself if he knows I'm in my room. But the moment I even walk down the hall way, he willl get up to follow me. We both have separation anxiety to say the least.

      I would say Rhett actually chose me, I applied for every puppy in his litter and was only one of the applicants that hit all the correct criteria on their application (owned a husky previously). They made me and my mom come to meet the puppies first and we let the puppies decide who wanted me! I knew I wanted a boy just like Gunner. Rhett came up to me and wouldn't leave my side which is when I knew he was meant to be mine

      His favorite thing to do is probably go for a car ride, I ask him if he wants to go to Target and he gets so excited. He loves the car, he was horrified of it at first. But after repeated Target drive up errands, he began to love it.

      He knows how to sit, shake, lay down, place (which he FUSSES about doing), wait, slow, and heal. We're currently working on the command "guard."

Rhett the Siberian Husky mix, the Dog of the Day Rhett the Siberian Husky mix, the Dog of the Day

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