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Mookie the Standard Poodle, the Dog of the Day
Name: Mookie
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male Breed: Standard Poodle
Home: Clarion County, Pennsylvania, USA
      Mookie is our Standard Poodle. He is seven years old, and gets what groomers call a "puppy cut" but of course, it's just a good all-purpose dog grooming, not the silly thing with shaved places and round poofs you see on poodles in Dog Shows - and in cartoons. Like all poodles (of all sizes, we have a mini poodle, too) he has hair, not fur, and needs grooming periodically. Otherwise he just gets more and more fluffy! He is not all prissy like some people think poodles are. He is a fetching machine, and no water goes untouched. He loves to swim!

      Mookie was super energetic as a puppy, and can still run like the wind when he chooses to with those long legs, but he is all grown up now - and calmer. He is smart, and not only was quickly house-trained, but has learned every trick we have ever tried to teach him with very little repetition. He is a great dog.

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