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Harry the French Bulldog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Harry
Age: Nine years, ten months old
Gender: Male Breed: French Bulldog
Home: Northeast Alabama, USA
      Hello, folks! I'm Harry! I've been pestering my mom forever to nominate me for Dog of the Day and she finally listened! LOL A little bit about me: I used to be a stud dog. My mom and dad adopted me when I was 4 years old. I'm so glad they did because I wasn't treated very well at the breeder's house. When I came to my new, forever home I had sisters waiting for me! Lovey and Trixie did their best to make me feel welcome. It was tough for me at first because I was confused and it wasn't easy for me to trust anyone (person or dog). With a lot of love and patience, in time I came to understand what true, unconditional love is all about.

      So what are my favorite things? Wow, I have so many of them! I love walks in the morning with my sisters (we have a buggy that we share rides in); I love to knead my blankie into a perfect blankie-puddle and nap; I love to lay on my hammock in the sun especially after a bath; I love to go on field trips to the park with my family for walks during the Holidays; I love to play with my new sister Phoebe; I love my ultra-comfy dog beds; I love yak milk chews; I love my personal ottoman in the home theatre room; I love the Halloween outfits my mom and dad dress me in (I've been Captain Kirk, a Hippie, a Frankfurter, and the Cowardly Lion); I love to chase chipmunks in our courtyard. I could go on and on! I've even participated in two local Humane Society Dog Balls/Fundraisers. I have a great life! And I'm pretty handsome to boot!

      Harry's mom here: Harry is just the best boy and we love him so very much. I can't remember why we acquired him as we already had Lovey and Trixie but every day I am so, so thankful the stars aligned and he came into our lives. For all his might (he's 28 lbs. and has a 19-inch neck!) he's the gentlest, kindest soul. He solidified himself into our hearts early on when he was play-wrestling with Lovey. Lovey, also a Frenchie, is only 18 lbs. We heard Lovey wince; immediately Harry backed off and played with a little less force. We didn't have to intervene—Harry respected her signal. It melted my heart to know that a dog who had been treated so poorly understood rough-housing boundaries from his little sister.

      I will say that stuffed squeaky toys do not get the same gentle treatment as his sisters. Our first day home from work with Harry underfoot was a bit of a shock. It was as if a heavy metal band had held a party in our living room complete with mosh pit: fluff from several toys was strewn everywhere along with the leftover shells and squeakers. When we found the wreckage Harry was napping, and Lovey and Trixie looked up at us as if to say, "Hey, mom and dad, Harry really knows how to party! Thanks for bringing him to our home!"

      We love Harry.

Harry the French Bulldog, the Dog of the Day Harry the French Bulldog, the Dog of the Day Harry the French Bulldog, the Dog of the Day

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