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Biggie the Labrador Retriever mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Biggie
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male Breed: Labrador Retriever mix
Home: Dallas, Texas, USA
      Hi! This is a picture of my dog Biggie (with the ball) and my foster puppy June. They just love each other and I love how this picture shows his sweet silly personality. June is a rescue from the streets. She had been with me for two months at that point, and was so much healthier and happier, thanks to Biggie's help. She went on to make someone a happy owner! Biggie loves his balls to play and June learned the only way to get Biggie to drop is to bite his jaw. It was so fun to see, and a sure sign of her intelligence.

     Biggie is a sweetheart - he is such a hugger, of people and other dogs, too. He can even hug standing up, as you can see. He is an important part of our fostering team as a family. We may provide the transportation, food, and love, but Biggie shows them how to be a happy dog. It is amazing to see a shy, fearful dog who is afraid of its own shadow, never mind scary humans, transform under his watchful eyes. As well as leading by example, he teaches them to play, to trust, and just how to be a waggy tail happy dog.

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